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  • Earphone with Microphone


  • Wood Earphone with Microphone


  • Hifi Triple Driver In Ear Earphone


  • Bluetooth Earphone


  • 7.1 Virtual Surround Gaming Headphone


  • Multi Platform Gaming Headset



We Put That Value To All Our Product Starting From Gaming Headsets, Audio Headphone, Earphone And Portable Speakers.

We started dbE Acoustics in 2010. The main reason for us to build dbE is to provide a high quality product with reasonable price. We do not aim to sell our produt at cheapest price in the market,but we aim to provide you the best quality you can get at our price point On top of that, we try our best to provide a good after sales service to our costumer

How Does It Work?

It is simple

We worked with the best factory so you can expect a high quality proucts We simplified the supply chain so you can get them at lowest price possible
We put them through Quality Control processing

Advantages of DBE Acoustic

We have 2 service center in Jakarta & Bandung
We provide 1 to 1 replacement warranty for our earphone products
We provide a quick repair service for your headphone / earphone
We provide spare parts such as headphone pads, headbands for our gaming headsets, so you can continue using them for a long long time
We tested all our products throughly so you will get a high quality products only