GM190 comes with our Virtual Surround 7.1 feature that helps to widen the soundstage of the headphone.

Similar to GM190, this headphone is utilizing our new design that looks more modern, simple, and minimalistic. Along with the new design, we also keep focusing on user comfort by manufacturing GM160 with a new lightweight material and increasing the size of the headphone cup so as not to put too much tension on the ears. We also equip GM160 with a new 50mm driver that ensure better sound clarity in the treble with precise bass control.

In addition, we have also updated the built-in microphone in GM160 to deliver a better sound compared to its predecessor.


Driver 50 mm
Freq Response 20 Hz - 20 kHz
Impedance 32 Ohm +- 5%
Sensitivity 112 dB +- 3 dB
Microphone Sensitivity -42 dB +- 3 dB
Microphone Size 20mm
Connector USB



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